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Los Angeles Superstore has a fair return policy that gives customers the ability to easily return, replace or exchange any of their purchases. In order for any return, replacement or exchange to take place the customer will have to contact Los Angeles Superstore through our contact page.  We always work closely with customers that want to make returns and our job is to make all returns as easily and smooth as possible. Returns are to be approved by Los Angeles Superstore before being shipped back to us. Los Angeles Superstore offers all customers a nine day return policy. The policy begins on the date that the customer's package is delivered to them via any of the carrier tracking methods that are used for their package.


Los Angeles Superstore will always pay the return shipping when a customer receives an item that is defective, when an item is damaged while in transit or when a wrong item is sent. Please note that in many cases a customer may not want to return the item and may instead want a replacement or exchange. If the customer would rather have a replacement sent Los Angeles Superstore may do so if that is what the customer prefers. Los Angeles Superstore will handle each case differently, and that is why communication is very important. In some cases a replacement may just be sent where as with others the defected item may need to be returned first. Again, communication is key when making a return.


If the return is the result of a Los Angles Superstore error, we'll return your return shipping cost up to a maximum amount. Los Angeles Superstore will use its sole discretion in deciding how the return shipping will be paid. If the return isn't a result of a Los Angeles Superstore error, the cost of return shipping will be the customer's responsibility. When returning your item, you'll pay your carrier when you ship your item.


Los Angeles Superstore will generally accept any return for any reason so as long as the return is actually shipped back to us within the policy time frame. The customer will have to pay for the return shipping when their return reason is buyer remorse, accidental order, they found a better price elsewhere, the item is not compatible or not useful for its intended purpose, no longer needed or wanted, item too large, item is too small, item too long, item too short, didn't like the color or no reason given.

Some of our items come with batteries pre-installed and we use tabs to preserve the life of the batteries. This works 99 percent of the time, but there are occasions when the batteries lose their energy. If the return reason is batteries do not work, the customer will have to pay for the return shipping. If a customer makes a claim that the item received is different than what was ordered we will have to investigate. If we find that the customer's claim is accurate we will pay the return shipping cost. If we find that the claim is inaccurate, the customer will have to pay the return shipping cost.

If a customer contacts us while their order is in transit to them and requests a refund we will not immediately issue their refund. If a return is to be made the customer will have to wait until they receive their package and then contact us to return their item for a refund.


When a return request is made due to a package that arrived too late as the return reason it will be dealt with on a case by case. Please keep the following in mind. Items shipped via USPS First Class mail packages are usually delivered in 3 to 5 days. Items shipped via USPS Priority Mail packages are usually delivered in 2 to 3 days. UPS Ground and Fed-Ex Ground packages are usually delivered in 1 to 5 days. This is just general information to know and in no way guarantees delivery within those time frames. If a customer does not receive their package on the day they expected it to be delivered even though Los Angeles Superstore shipped their item on time then the customer will be responsible for the return shipping unless an unacceptable amount of time has passed by the time customer receives their package. For a package to be classifieds as an unacceptable delivery time frame 15 business days must have passed from the time the item was shipped until the time the item is delivered. In cases like this, Los Angeles Superstore will pay for the return shipping.


Items must be in its original packaging when returned. If items are damaged or ruined in any way Los Angeles Superstore reserves the right to withhold a 20 percent restocking fee. Actual refunds may take up to 5 days after items are received. Usually it will be much quicker than this, but please allow this amount of time in case inspections need to be made. A package will be considered lost if it is not delivered to the customer within 20 days after sent out. This is rare, but if this happens to any Los Angeles Superstore customer we will issue a full refund. Please make sure that any return is approved. If a return is received that was not approved the package will not be accepted and returned to the buyer.

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