This Light Up Dinosaur Bubble Gun is sure to make any child smile with joy! Just pull the trigger and watch the Dinosaur Bubble Gun shoot out thousands of bubbles while lighting up with bright LED lights at the same time. That's not all though! While the bubbles are coming out the Dinosaur will be making all of the roaring dinosaurnoises that you would expect. Just think Godzilla type sounds!

Comes with 2 bottles of bubble solution that are shaped and look like dinosaur eggs.
Comes with batteries that are pre-installed and easily replaceable.
This dinosaur bubble gun comes in a dark brown color or a yellowish green color. We will send you a random color unless you write to us and let us know that you prefer a certain one. You can see our pics to see the two colors. If you don't care which color you receive no need to worry as both of them are great!

Light Up Dinosaur Bubble Gun with Roaring Sounds