This cool frog bubble gun will blow out all the bubbles you need!

Bright LED lights with flashing eyes make this bubble gun look even cooler at night.
Add the musical sound that this bubble gun plays and you surely have a winner here!
Bubble guns are always the life of the party.
Just pull the trigger and watch the bubble gun shoot out thousands and thousands of bubbles.
Our light up bubble guns come with batteries pre-installed for you and easily replaceable.
You will also receive two bottles of bubble solution with each bubble gun purchase.
Of course you can always refill with more bubble solution.
Random color sent as we have two variations. Even though both are green frogs, if you look at our pics you will see that we have the blue shirt, yellow shorts, red and yellow eyes frog. The other is the yellow shirt, pink shorts, pink and white eyes. If you have a particular preference, don't hesitate to send an email to us and let us know.

Light Up Bubble Gun FROG with LED Lights Flashing Eyes With Sound Blower Shooter