This 48 piece finger lights set comes to you in cute blister carded hand shaped card board packaging. Many like when their finge lights are packaged this way as they like to hand them out in this cute adorable packaging.


In this set you will receive 12 of the hand shaped packages. Each package has four finger lights in it which are blue, green, white and red. A total of 12 packs containing a total of 48 finge lights will be received.


These light up finger lights are great for birthday parties or any other time there is a get together. Kids love light up finger lights as well as adults. Batteries are pre-installed in each finger light so that they are ready to use when you receive them.


Each finger light comes with an elastic strap which makes the finger light easy to attach to a person's finger. The elastic strap will fit most. Please note that these finger lights do not shoot out lasers but instead are equped with LED lights.

48 Laser Finger Beams in Hand Shaped Packaging